I try not to get political as I know it riles some people up. But I am already sick of this election. As in all elections you basically have to choose which lies you want to believe and support. Right now I am not in any favor of any candidate. But that’s not what this is about.

I am talking about the protestors yesterday in Cambridge, ON and the other day in Bolton. These people are hurling death threats, racist slurs and other things to Trudeau and his security detail.


Quite frankly the ones hurling the death threats should be arrested and charged with uttering death threats. All of this just because the way he is handling the pandemic.

You know, because this happens every year.

I don’t care if you are anti vaxx, pro vaxx, anti mask, pro mask, whatever. This stupidity has to stop. All we can hope for is whoever you vote for and gets elected, they do the best they can in this shitshow we call Canada right now. That’s all I’m gonna say. Leave comments and insults it does not matter. Why? Because I don’t care about your simple mind and inability to have adult dialogue with someone else. Be safe!

Over 20+ years in I.T. But now a Chef